Morrows in the Sun

Morrows in the Sun

2 February 2016

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You cast stones

Forgetting ripples

Your mind hard

Tired bones

Every hurt that you discard

Builds a waning castle


You can live

You can also die

In between


Even in shadows of Spain

Stories will be told


All we see

Dreamtime’s harmony

Oft disturbed

By dark thoughts

Night mares mere taunts in flashes

Of hooves beating sand


We will reign

The scars of the past

Into love


She is deep like the marshes

Bordering mind’s land


We hold high

The hopes of our hearts

Yet we flaunt

Shields of tin

We forego the love for taunt

Smarting soul within


Crushed dreams

Give but few breadcrumbs

Trails gone cold

Eaten hearts

Oh the wincing how it smarts

When the heart grows old


I restore

The blackbird with blue

Fingers locked

Brush ablaze

Breathing out a love so true

Your face in a haze


All the lies

Now they’re washed away

Naked stand

With your love

Your blue heart battlefields’ death

Yet the surging bliss


Do you feel

The morrows have come

Creeping slow

Yellow glow

Collecting wild daffodils

Resonating thrills


You sink deep

Feathered rainbows splash

Across you

Coloured hue

Your body an artist’s dream

The gleam of moonbeam


They come fast

The morrows that last

You’re sinking

Heart blinking

Red SOS love’s inking

Splattered in your mind



Morrows in the Sun

When dark calls

And love weeps

Between our bodies it seeps

Glory to be whole


Reading of the poem: 

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Inside her – Evi Vine



25 thoughts on “Morrows in the Sun

    • Thank you so much. I am always filled with happiness when I hear that something I have contributed towards has actually brightened someone’s day. The feeling is enhanced when it is someone you’ve shared emotions with through commonly read poetry. Thanks again for your kind words Eric. My next one is more on the funny side in response to Ronovan writes’ haiku challenge


        • I am never too kind and you’re not bumbling around in the dark, you’re creating beautiful fairytales that many people enjoy immensely 🙂
          I know I would love to comment but somehow I feel that if I commented on one of your episodes it might change your direction to some extent as we are influenced by what people say. It is not the same thing when they are separate poems but a story to be told in its entirety is different. I just leave bland comments when I feel overwhelmed and must say something but otherwise I avoid commenting

          Liked by 1 person

          • I had no idea you felt thus. Thank you for sharing your feelings and views on commenting. I’m never sure if no comments on a piece means it was well liked or not. Though since I like what I write, I’m not about to change it. I would still write Quest even if no one was reading it but me. 🙂 Until 5 months ago, no one was reading what I wrote so this is all still new and wondrous to me. 🙂 I am grateful for every eye, every like and every comment.

            Liked by 1 person

            • I don’t know about others but I love what you write and look forward to each new post and though I miss a few because of the new WP features that have mixed everything up so much and also my lack of time these days I always backtrack when I start reading and realise I must have missed a post in between. Your tale has to be told and you are right, it does not matter who is reading because initially we only write for ourselves although along the line we get involved with others and appreciate that they take the time out of their schedules to read and appreciate what we have put out there 🙂

              Liked by 1 person

              • You’re right and I do appreciate it. I’m just glad folks give my work a read when they can. I always have a page dedicated to the each ongoing story with links to the different parts to make it easier to read them in sequence. I hope that helps folks navigate.

                Liked by 1 person

                • Oh lovely, thanks for letting me know. I actually go from the reader so most of the time I don’t see the other links. From now on I will go to your website directly although I usually avoid doing that because it freezes my screen

                  Liked by 1 person

                    • It is not your poems Melinda. I am using a dinosaur as I can’t afford buying a new laptop and changing all my data from one place to the other. Whenever I have too many things open (and I always go on WP as a break from the things that I also do on laptop) the laptop freezes and sometimes even crashes 😀


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