Kissing ghosts

Kissing ghosts

20 March 2016

ghosts glamelia-s ru


Night-time breathes

Essence of outlines


In the air

Between the dark and the light

Forms hidden in sight



Between Earth and skies


Shades of grey

They gather close where I lay

In between spaces


Dreamtime strikes

A chord deep within

Like clockwork

I start task

Glory of netherworld’s breed

Ravenous their seed


Feeding child

Of honey and milk

There are queues

For the old

A thin line of remembrance

Before dark penance


We starve soul

Through bouts and binges

When bodies

Swell and burst

Saturated with the feed

Recollecting thirst


Of quenching

Thirst for inner realm

I know tales

Of sirens

They drink the oceans to brink

Of silent despair


With their hearts

I sit in solace

Stone for stone

Rigid talk

I forecast the first ripple

When feelings will stir


The lines blur

Draw false conclusions

Am I carved

Are they set

We open lines of regret

In marble we cloak


My blue veins

They shudder dark ink

From bosom

Every day

I raise hope but in dread sink

When clocks mark dark hour


Random call

It wakes me to sight

Of unnamed

Kissing ghosts

I compose odes to the light

That trickles through me


Reading of the poem: 

ghosts aliexpress com

Duduk of the North [Gladiator] – Hans Zimmer & Djivan Gasparyan

Distant Lands – Djivan Gasparyan Arman Chakmakian

Kapuit Manushak (Blue Violet) – Duduk Djivan Gasparyan

27 thoughts on “Kissing ghosts

  1. Another beautiful piece! I get the feeling of watching Earth from orbit and seeing storms forming and moving across the surface. Something about this poem gives me a very strong sense of Mother Earth. Whatever it is, it touched me deeply. Well done, Geetha!

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  2. Nice one Geetha. But I didnt understand how these lines fit in with the subject
    “Feeding child
    Of honey and milk
    There are queues
    For the old
    A thin line of remembrance
    Before dark penance”

    Best wishes

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    • Thank you Kamal. This is another poem that came through dreamtime and continued during that blurred moment between the dream and waking up. It is all about “ghosts” in the sense of spirit beings in between worlds. There are child spirits as well as old spirits, just like for us human beings. The children have to be fed honey and milk and the old queue up to receive food. It is all a metaphor to say that when we feed the spirit too much and it becomes old, it is then saturated and the process of being fed more becomes tedious. As they say, you cannot add something to a cup that is already full. In contrast, a young spirit or child spirit will be able to be fed more and the food will be particularly sweet and easy to process for that category of being (a child), hence the milk and honey. As for the old, the reason why there is penance is because they would realise that perhaps they have saturated themselves with the wrong foods. Whether human or other beings, we all at some point choose to store values, understanding of the world around us in perhaps ways that are not optimal. When you reach a certain stage of wisdom and true clarity then you wish you had not chosen to be so adamant on what you thought was true. There will be however a queue of people in that line waiting to amend their knowledge.
      Having said all the above, because this is dreamtime poetry, there was an actual sense of having a real child to feed, a child from within the bowels of the Earth.
      Best wishes to you too Kamal

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  3. Djivan Gasparyan is an Armenian musician and composer. He plays the duduk, a double reed woodwind instrument related to the orchestral oboe. Gasparyan is known as the “Master of the duduk.

    I felt I was walking in Yerevan, capital of Armenia…beautiful duduk…

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