Bitter aftertaste

Bitter aftertaste

21 September 2018


Within my bosom

Ice clad features of sorrow

Melt down in habit


Whispers of monsoon

Rain down from shuttered eyelids

Illusion skin deep


Fed equal measures

Teaspoon of liquid honey

Bitter aftertaste


Reading of the poem: 

Smother – Daughter


6 thoughts on “Bitter aftertaste

  1. I have not visited anyone for a while it seems, a passing phase. Maybe something to cheer your heart, my sister…

    Your words have awakened my spirit
    To embrace a true beauty I came to know
    And with its magical and lovely embrace
    I will never again from my life let go.

    Keep writing from your heart Geetha,
    You are a rare selfless jewel of great


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