I am

I am

3 March 2015


I am no token in your dreams

Towards a bridled emancipation

I live a life full and in my streams

There is no governing consideration

I am no lollipop-doll batting eyelids

To the tune of some Pied piper

The path I walk on rolls and skids

I am of the cast fruit the riper


I am the girl who one winter night

Walking through the dark alley

Met those who knew not left from right

And guided her bones to the gulley

I am her soul that slept no more

Trapped in a dark inhuman space

Where cold pervaded her to the core

As heart lurched towards her battered face


I am midsummer wars’ brittle whore

Who one day spread her legs like a fence

Ridding herself of the monster she bore

And brought forth the birth of indifference

I am the child she let out with no pain

Among many a bewildered yet sullen face

For whom there was nothing to gain

In rekindling a lost sense of solace


I am the splintered boy on the beach

Surrounded by what once used to be a home

Whose broken hands a toy would never reach

As his homeless soul would now ever roam

I am the witness of a war born of folly’s pretext

On the primal right to protection of space

A land to house years’ unhappiness next

Acquired through a knitted political lace


I am the grey and forlorn widow

Whose tight sealed lips mourn no more

A husband gone from mind like a blow

Leaving only body and heart sore

I am born from wedlock of no nation

No borders will beckon to my mind

My only name’s calls are in alienation

Where infinite beholds infinite behind


I am a withered yet full green leaf

That looks upon a hurtling tree

That once was like to coral a reef

I am all that once danced free

I am the moon when it meets the sun

And kisses it with ice clad passion

I am the sun for which moon comes undone

As ice melts down with compassion


I am the many and the one

I am tomorrow’s anger and today’s quiet

I am listless loss for there is semblance of none

I am today’s wrath and tomorrow’s riot

I am a taut belly’s writhing hunger

I am through with what’s not right

I am tomorrow’s path lying yonder

I am of the broken weak the might

 I am


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