My only sins

My only sins are big,  so Judge M. crucified us

 18 August 2010


I don’t drink alcohol, I never took a drug

 I don’t even smoke


 But I’m Indian, Arab, Muslim, despicable bug

 This makes him choke


I also am alas a woman with a mind so snug

Loud and bespoke

That can never deserve you a cuddle, a hug

A woman to cloak

 He thinks in Dubai we sweat, live on a lil’ rug

 Such a sad bloke


 The thought of loving us is like eating a slug

 His mind does provoke


 Looking at me, he can only hate my sad mug

 Hi eyes I poke


 The sorrow in which this cloaked, ugly humbug

 Made my kids, me, soak


 The only thing he knows he can do, smug

 Is take my yoke


 Broken egg, into my insides, he delved, dug

 Justice? A joke!


 With strength, love, hope, faith, I fill me a jug

 I still invoke

 The lost justice that this sleek and cloaked thug

 In me broke

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