Take me home

27 November 2010


When it is all over and finally done

When my breath will have stopped

When all colour from me has gone

When my heart many a beat skipped

Take me home


 When the light in my eye is so jaded

When dark night is paler than my lips

When all rose from my nails has faded

When you see a black tinge at the tips

Take me home


When movement catches not my eye

When my head is stiff, held upright

When of my bosom you hear no sigh

When my hand is rigidly closed tight

Take me home


When my toe extended stays curled

When my body’s twist seems awkward

When not a word from me is hurled

When my gaze passing looks onward

Take me home


When you lay me down feel no sorrow

When all is left of me is but mere ashes

When you speak I will be in the morrow

When you read me, I’ll come in flashes

I am finally home


Reading of my poem on youtube


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