In the House of Love

In the House of Love

1 November 2015

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I drifted up stairs so small in their breadth

In my ears only sound of heartbeats rings

Guide me whether they be Lover or Seth

Confusion to empath mind always brings


And as I leapt to a most certain death

Shattered memories sheltered inside wings

Willing to breathe out my ever last breath

The song gift of you in my heart now sings


Mother gracefully offered her trunks’ fur

As I fell she caught me tended to fall

Softest she could though parts did pierce me through


In agony I opened eyes, saw her

All my promises she made me recall

Broken, whole, she pushed me in life anew

houseoflove thecupidandpsychepress wordpress com2 cupid-and-psyche-by-william-adolphe-bouguereau-1895


29 thoughts on “In the House of Love

    • Oh wow, if it did that then I am absolutely delighted. Happy loving Doug!
      Btw, I just found out that the painting is by Giuseppe Naria Crespi also known as Spagnolo


  1. you have such a great command of language and flow in your poetry and you always accompany your words with the most beautiful images and videos…

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    • That’s such a beautiful compliment. Thank you FT and I really can reciprocate the compliment as far as you are concerned. I missed reading your poetry this morning. As for my poems I actually wrote both earlier this morning through dictation and chose the images aided by someone this time as I had hurt my elbow and partially my hip so could not sit at the computer like I normally do. In the next days I might not be able to upload more content if I don’t get help in doing that but I guess I would just follow your example then and upload all at once a whole batch of poems written. Keep well.

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      • You are welcome, Geetha, and thank you for your kind words…I hope your hip and elbow feel better soon and I look forward to reading your new pieces when you post them….be well!

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            • Thanks but in this case I dared myself silly, really 🙂 Thinking of that whole silly daring thing this scene came to mind as I ponder how sometimes we just dare ourselves foolishly to do pointless things just because something inside urged us to.

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              • oh, I love this scene…watching this and reading your words bring many foolishly-dared moments back from my younger days but I will spare you the details and myself the embarrassment here 🙂 ….thanks for sharing this!!

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                • Welcome, I love it too. What a pity you can’t share. As for me, I am almost beyond embarrassment. I threw my social mask and political correctness out of the window back in 2010 when I almost died 🙂 and realised that there is no point in hiding things which will find their way out to the open anyway. Very dark times then but thankfully writing including on this blog helped me a lot in finding my way back to life again. I just saw one of your posts “paper psychologist”. Very apt indeed.

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                  • ah, maybe some day I will write a poem about my silly childhood moments… yes, a near death experience can alter the way we view ourselves int he world around us…I know what this is like following a motorcycle accident many years ago… I am happy you have found your way back through your blog…ah, yes, the new post was a result of a conversation with a friend…glad you caught that 🙂

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                    • Oh, what an amazing synchronicity that you had a near death experience too. I had two, one in 2006 and another in 2010 although the 2010 experience altered my perception the most. Somehow it also made me feel that I was similar to the character of “unbreakable” 😀
                      Utterly foolish of course yet I have kept daring myself and always landed back on my feet. When it is not Time you simply don’t go so I guess understanding when it is Time and understanding Time itself then becomes a priority you have to delve into.
                      I know how whacky this may sound but since 2006 I have had really strange things happening and those occurrences really went balistic in 2010. The sky is the limit really in terms of strange happenings…

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                    • yes, it is…since my accident I no longer worry about time at all in terms of where it is going or what it will (or will not) bring me…I have learned to live in the moment, to embrace my mortality and to enjoy what I can in my short existence here…I love your views here, especially that last line because it speaks volumes about how we oft’ times limit ourselves in terms of how we live and what we are willing to allow ourselves to experience…

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                    • Same for me, living in no time or zero-point though my mind keeps jumping backwards and forwards like the Time traveller 😀
                      As for living life, yes, the sky is the limit as long as you hurt none around and don’t forsake your core values. I love to think about retiring to a far away place in a green forest by a river and living in peace and freedom, away from the “civilised world” and only writing, growing vegetables, laughing my head off and dancing my feet away…

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                    • 🙂 well, it seems you long to live where I am…I no longer ‘work’ and have returned to the place of my birth where I am surrounded by ocean, forest and quiet days… I hope you attain that peacefulness you long for 🙂

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                    • Oh wow yes I remember now, Newfoundland is where you live with your family. That must truly be a lovely place and you all must be enjoying it immensely. I guess I should look the place up and go there when I no longer have to tend to my youngest. My daughter will soon be at University – a couple of years really but my son will be with me for a while as he is only 11. So seven more years to go before I am free to do as I please and live wherever I feel like 🙂

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                    • 🙂 yes, I do and it’s paradise…seven more years son’t be long going (not that you want to wish them away) 🙂

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                    • Wish, wish? Actually I would go swish swish if I listened to myself sometimes. I am often torn between kissing my 11 year old and tweaking his nose. He will soon become too tall for that though while I stay at my 5’6”

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                    • 🙂 I know how you feel…as kids we want time to fly because we want to become adults and enjoy great adult lives…however, when we become adults and have busy lives and schedules, we wish retirement would come quickly so we could enjoy quieter, less stressful times…I hope your son never gets too ‘tall’ for kisses and nose tweaks 🙂

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                    • Thanks, glad you know the feeling. As parents it is always a delicate balancing act finding time for oneself and doing everything that needs to be done for the days’ chores to be tended to. It is even worse when you are a single mom but I dream and hope to see that Time being realised. As for my little urchin, if you read my slender oak tree, you will see that the older one got too tall fairly quickly as he is over 6’2” and I am guessing this one is going to be much taller. I guess I should stop now or my elbow will stay bad.

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                    • you are welcome…oh, wow…that is a height, to be sure…those times of solitude may be difficult to find but they are necessary…

                      it was great chatting…go rest that elbow and enjoy the day 🙂

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