End in beginning

End in beginning

1 August 2015

ecstasy my yoga-vidya org
Courtesy my-yoga-vidya.org


This house is silent

Its whispers contained within

The sound of stillness


Throb of heart no more

In chest treasures lay muffled

Still-born witnesses


Opening closing

Gyrating elements dance

Renewed ecstasy


All within will still

As the numbers now converge

End in beginning


The waves’ thunder calls

Soul dissolves in the answer

All without merges

ecstasy mamafoothelightworker com
Courtesy mamafoothelightworker.com

2 thoughts on “End in beginning

  1. The sound of stillness” is something I really like … it’s an oxymoron that might seem improbable, except that it is very real, and very beautiful when it happens within 🙂 It’s an apt description for Void, where all things and no things are possible at once (if you read on some of the more esoteric aspects of Raven, you’ll see a connection to this). A very good description, Geetha 🙂

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