As I then breathe out serene

As I then breathe out serene

4-6 April 2015


 Sunsets, sunrises

Engorging landscape’s colours

Vibrant pinks and reds

Laminated crimson thoughts

Soak inner mind velveteen


White light, indigo

Relay inviting the hues:

Coloured dawn, twilight

Alternating birth and death

A still universe expands


Dark shifts into light

White noise brims with shadows grey

A new shade is born

DNA’s evolution

Takes survival to new heights


Swarming like anthills

Living tapestry of green

Centipedes scatter

Hundreds of bulbs in mind light

Thoughts of saved moisture in frame


Tireless bees construct

A beehive for goddess green

A golden prison

Ivory isolation

Replicated new designs


Multiplying cells

Expand into cramped body

That heaved for more space

Renewals in body rise

To the calling of new youth


Germinating plants

Pierced through soil and grew free

Of alterations

No chemicals pervade me

As I then breathe out serene


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