25 December 2015

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We die

If we stop

Caring Loving

Helping each other

I’d want to tattoo Love

Kindness Courage and Daring

Through flames in my etheric self

Lift that heaven bound gait, discover

Blessed blueprint throughout all dimensions

Soul’s ecstasy dream would uncover

Cowardice spate resting on shelf

Let loose the sad, the jarring

Free on a winging Dove

One to one Brother

Bliss changeling

A dewdrop

In sky




Reading of the poem by me

Divergent – The four factions



11 thoughts on “Yes

  1. Love your poetic voice. The recording of your poem is wonderful. I think you should start your own channel on YouTube. I would subscribe.

    Sometimes I think of putting my voice to my poems but unfortunately I sound like Minnie Mouse!! LOL!! Happy Holidays!!

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  2. For some reason I can’t answer your comment Annie but just wanted to say it’s so sweet of you to say that. My brain is like fudge too today and could not pen down the other words that were swimming in my head. I think I had too much sugar. Hopefully tomorrow will be better 😀

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