Fragments of still life

September and 23 December 2010


Memories returned

Still pieces of life

from tables overturned

by love so rife


 A tear on a cheek

A mere peck on the side

Not a symptom of weak

By no rules do I abide


Or maybe the rule of love

That I like to observe

Perched with you, lil dove

The thought hit a nerve


You may be perched so high

But remember perched above

Rocks sit and can never fly

So quit them to find the love


How much can a being

into pieces just fragment

Upon darkness seeing

Each and every torment


I know not of glass

As in stout plastic I am

This too shall pass

Both abjection and glam


Picking up does lift

pieces like it does spirits

and helps come swift

Recognition of no limits


Who else can be whole now?

And if you say rocks will fly

I won’t even question how

Won’t even dare to ask why


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