The view loses charm

The view loses charm

15 December 2015


willow pinterest com

Staring at its grace

Willow tree stooping over

All magic peeks shuns


Review my beauty

With attention’s past glamour

Look ignores appeal


When eye sees beauty

With too self-centred intent

The view loses charm


willow pinterest com 2


I Feel Pretty – Julie Andrews


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24 thoughts on “The view loses charm

  1. The first painting of the willow tree washed in purple is enchanting but the other willow tree makes me see snakes infused in its make-up. The poem fits the descend from charming beauty into questionable intentions. Adding Julie Andrews singing ‘I Feel Pretty’ is a nice touch. One of my most favorite people on the planet. A great closer. A most enchanting and charming presentation. An enticing look worth the visit and time. – jk 🙂

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      • I try to appreciate what I find in another’s work. If as much effort is put in as you have done, I want more than ever to get the words out which will describe my response. I feel your have created a gift for the viewer. So thank you, esp. for adding Julie to your art. 🙂


    • Thank you Denis. I meant it for a range of people who keep persisting on reminiscing past glory at whatever level it may be located; politicians sounds like a very apt and special inclusion 😀


  2. Review my beauty
    With attention’s past glamour

    Don’t most of us view ourselves and judge ourselves, with the intentions of the past? I know I do, constantly.
    Love this, Geetha. ❤

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    • Thank you Eric. I think that the past should only serve for us as lessons for what to do and what not to do in the now and in the future. As regards judging ourselves, we should rather assess in what ways and in which capacity we could strive for becoming more truthful versions of ourselves. I think the whole point is about being truthful to oneself rather than judging oneself and trying to be a “better” person. In terms of viewing ourselves, yes, we can somehow get stuck in past versions of ourselves and not just on the level of physical appearance.

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  3. one has to wonder if the subject is looking into a mirror or aged reflection…’view my beaut…’reads like the speaker wants to be viewed as he/she would have been in the past…I know people like this, who, at seventy wear clothing and make themselves up to try and pass for thirty…there is nothing wrong with wanting to remain youthful but it can become obsessive to the point of looking downright silly to those observing it…great write, Geetha!

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  4. Must not be afraid to express love for beauty! In all its forms.. Beauty is not and never will be just what you see.. Being Aesthetic and being able to say what pleases is innocence however a lot depends on the way the receiver perceives it.. And that is the problem

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