Small satisfactions

Small satisfactions

29 February 2016

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They invoke heartbeats

Laughter shines

Between sighs

Their hands draw the lows and highs

Each other’s confines


We are them

A glorious emblem

Of waking

In the love

Mantle of joy from above

Gracing our shoulders


Our smiles light

Lips exhaling slow

Broken days

Breath of nights

From times our jaws were set tight

Like life rope walker


Walls shudder

From growing fusion

Of bodies

You or me

The borders I cannot see

You end I begin


Then I end

Within your debut

Hushed fiat lux

When you grow

Fairy wings that I now sow

With my dying breath



Small satisfactions

Console me

Like fingers

Brushing soft across my face

Wings of Angel’s grace


Reading of the poem: 

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Little things – Lotte Kestner

Wait for me – Lotte Kestner

Halo – Lotte Kestner


16 thoughts on “Small satisfactions

    • Thank you so much. I once also wrote a poem called I count my blessings. I guess although with a complex mind that some even close to me have qualified as extremely difficult to comprehend, I actually have simple expectations and joys out of life and those simple things provide immense consolation that lift me up despite life’s tides

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      • I can totally connect with the feeling of a complex mind.Mine is a maze and I am highly observant of little things around us. I am particularly moved by simplicity and honesty. It’s an honor to witness your works and I am really glad to have come across them.

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