Swaying to the Times

Swaying to the Times

28 September 2015

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Exhausting Travels

This constant leap in between

Today and morrows


The night’s waking hours

Spent counting milliseconds

Time freezing over


Forward pull and push

The traction of disclosure

Living Time extreme


Knowing, unknowing

Confusion of the senses

Reaching zero-point


Gone is brutish task

I yearn for the yesteryears

When it closed the eyes


Two to three implodes

Cover me with unseeing

Lest I lose my mind


Quaking soul I see

Damned to live the waking lies

Darkness smothers cries

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Moon be gone disgrace

I look upon treacheries

When I loved your face


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Winter stark I come

Cloak me in your icy gaze

Unwinding the loves


Today has lived long

Burning through tomorrow’s flames

Time in credit spent


Encash me this life

Give me from your burden’s hope

Death of your kisses


Speed them to the peak

The numbing of my senses

Swaying to the Times


Let me come undone

Future kisses spell me rhymes

Not burden of loss


Still the time in Heart

Of all months choose the twining

For fish then swam free


I hark to the chimes

I see your naked future

My soul walks with yours

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4 thoughts on “Swaying to the Times

  1. I want to be
    in sync with
    our arms swaying
    with our steps
    with not much
    to talk about
    our minds are already
    in the same place,
    thoughts stuck
    to each other
    through silence
    and smilies and the
    whistling of wind
    through our palms

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      • I love you and except you for who you are
        It doesn’t matter to me who you were before
        I never want to live in the past
        All I want is for us to last
        I’ve told you once and I’ll tell you again
        That my love for you will never end
        I don’t know why,
        Why I love you so much
        Desperate for your love,
        Craving for your gentle touch
        Every time I gaze deep into your eyes.

        I would always see
        How a fool in love you have made me
        I’ve been alone for so long
        Until you came and proved me wrong
        You took me inside and made me so happy
        And in return I’ll promise you…eternity
        An eternity of true LoVe, LoYaLtY, and TrUsT
        A commitment of deep affections that won’t turn to rust
        You released my soul and captured my heart
        I promise to love only you and will never part.

        I am yours and you are mine
        Thats for sure till the end of time
        Cause your the one that washes away my tears
        I want to hold you close, I want to have you near
        I’ll share with you everything, I have nothing to hide
        I want you and need you to be by my side
        You are the one that is right for me
        And with you is where I’ll always be
        So don’t ever doubt me, please don’t ever do
        For baby,”Iam so crazy in love with you.”

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