My Heart will not sleep

My Heart will not sleep

3 January 2016

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The mind called awake

To spirits that roamed in clouds

Genies and moonbeams


Eyes sunk horizons

Over the face of the night

As the moon breathed white


The soul in waking

Stood upon brink of morrow

Between hope and life


Once upon a Time

Between sorrow and blue rhyme

I saw morning light


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Eyes scorched through the night

Met sunrise like white waters

The stillness redeems


I saw you in me

Physical awareness hit

The borders succumbed


Seek no more the frame

Whispered waterfalls in me

Everywhere is you


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The rivers and seas

Joined with oceans in my soul

Sketched blue tidal waves


Play of ebb and flow

The shells left on the me shore

Spoke of Times’ matter


Matter cast away

Mind in wraps soul in light sparks

I walk the heavens


Eyelids will flutter

The racing of worlds in me

My Heart will not sleep


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Shams Tabrizi: My Path to God



21 thoughts on “My Heart will not sleep

    • Thank you Dajena. Another comment I missed. I hope they fix the notifications bug soon. I just read two of your lovely poems in a row and am mulling over their forms to see if anything comes up today or tomorrow. Your rondeau really inspired me so maybe the triolet will start evoking something as it is close to forms I flow with. Thanks for stopping by and for always sharing 🙂

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    • Thank you Eric. 4th of Jan seems to have been a miss for me on many comments. I really wonder what is going on with WordPress. I love the music you shared, really nice. I have not finished listening to everything but will add them on my youtube channel as the Pantheon playlist 😀

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  1. Oh gosh, Geetha, i wish I had the time to sit and write a true review of your poetry…you mix so many wonderful figurative and literal elements throughout your words, and use such intricate forms , that I ever feel like I can do justice…so, here, I will mention two elements that really stood out: the dream like quality and sentiment of the piece (eyes sunk horizons as if falling to sleep, fluttering eyelids as if in REM sleep and walking through the heavens); and, the contrast between hope and life, as if life had somehow become something the speaker hoped to escape from – perhaps life coming to be out of another life (as if finding oneself)…. either way, this is great poetry, my friend, and I thoroughly enjoy each and every piece you write, even if my comments are brief sometimes. 😀 😀

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    • Thank you Thomas. What lovely comments and insight. Very true about fluttering eyelids, I had in mind that state of sleep where dreamtime becomes the sleeper’s reality with the rapid eye movement that usually derives from that state. I also wanted to give the impression that everything around was in a state of something akin to sleepwalking. Finally regarding your comment about the contrast between hope and life, there is yes this sense of leaving one life and the hope of another life which might include finding oneself… on the other side… I always appreciate your time and comments Thomas however brief because your insights are always very deep and precise 🙂

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      • You are welcome, Geetha, always…if I may be permitted to confess, i often keep your poetry for times when my head is clear and free from distraction so that I may fully embrace what it is you are saying…I am happy my insights are spot on and were I back in the classroom, teaching poetry, you can be sure yours would be poetry I would teach…I love your work, my friend!!! 😀

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