The Frost chronicles 1: The summoning of the Marid

The Frost chronicles 1 : The summoning of the Marid

21 January 2019

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From the day she had heard the terrible news about her son she was distraught. A few weeks after the initial diagnosis she had realised that the insurance would not continue to pay the costs of the treatment. They paid only for the chemotherapy but not for the stem cell transplants nor for some of the blood and platelet transfusions. She had wondered where to get the money and had been desperate initially as her salary would not cover such huge costs but ultimately she had made up her mind to get the money by all means.

In the beginning she had sold off all her diamond jewelry she had acquired over the years but when that was not enough, she realised she needed more of the same as it was a very easy item to sell. She was unable to borrow any money or jewelry from her friends and had no family left to help her so she found herself in a desperate enough situation to resort to thinking of stealing the jewelry. She was no professional thief, however, and realised that most jewelry stores had too sophisticated security systems for her to be able to do anything without being immediately caught.

It was then that she remembered her knowledge of magic and of ancient spells to invoke beings that could be of use to her. She had quickly taken out her book of spells and found the one that invoked a powerful being which belonged to the class of jinns. It was called a Marid and was believed to be able to grant many wishes as well as to materialise items from one side of the Universe to the other. She ran to the local store and bought the candles required for the spell : six red candles, six white candles and six black candles. She disposed them around her in concentric circles, the black candles first, the red second and the white in the middle.

Within the first circle she put some drops of what was called ageing blood (menstrual blood) to attract the jinn into the circles, within the second circle she put a few drops of younger blood which she had taken from the small wound in her thumb where she had pricked it and within the last circle she drew the protective circle of rosemary, amber and frankincense based on the extracts of these items. She sat in the middle of the circles and recited the incantation « Allah shaoufni barooh shou matnakkar kamir » six times. Shortly after that she sensed the presence of the Marid which eventually whispered its secret name to her. This was the name to be used when calling upon it for services and it accepted to be bound to her ring.

After the ceremony, she carefully noted down the name of the Marid who had appeared and promised to herself that she would invoke him in a few days when it was the blood moon. The night of the blood moon, she wore the ring and disposed the candles around her. This time she only needed white candles as the initial summoning ritual had already been performed and this was only a call to the Marid to connect. The Marid answered her call immediately and as the wish formed in her mind, she watched amazed as her wish materialised into the circle as several beautifully cut large pear-shaped and round shaped diamonds.

Masked ball – Jocelyn Pook

13 thoughts on “The Frost chronicles 1: The summoning of the Marid

  1. The decline of America caused by the government shutdown has affected everyone. Even though he reopened the government its only temporary. I have decided not to celebrate my 60th Birthday next month. Instead I’m gonna sell my belongings so that I can Live.

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  2. This is a great story that reflects the desperation of Americans with our broken down medical system where only the rich can afford New medicines and treatments. Just a few days ago a blogger who is in Her 70s was saying that Her husband’s medication costs over $1100. Naturally as Seniors they cannot afford to buy the medication and their insurance won’t pay for it.

    Then Agent Orange imposed a Government shutdown. Over 800,000 Federal Workers are either furloughed or expected to work without pay. These People will lose their homes and are eating at Soup Kitchens and Food Pantries.

    The Federal Workers who are being forced to work are slowly not showing up because they have exhausted their personal funds and have no money for transportation.

    Eventually 45 will do away with the Safety Net. No Food Stamps, WIC (Women Infants and Children), No Social Security, Disability benefits, SSI, Medicaid or Medicare. Those last three are what pays for my brother Stephen care in his Group Home. The other two pay for his medical expenses. How will I take care of my brother Stephen?

    Slowly but surely suffering is engulfing the country.
    All over a stupid Wall that can’t be built because of funding and structural reasons. I was in Germany during the time of the Berlin Wall. Obviously that didn’t work. Down it came. Plus any Wall can easily circumvented by Drones and Airplanes. An idiotic moron fool is being allowed to hold Americans hostage.


    • What is happening is terrible. It should not be this way. There is so much inequality in this system. A handful of people are rich beyond measure and the majority of the world’s population is living below acceptable levels of comfort. I hope this will change soon and we will have a new system based on more fairness.

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      • Actually the Congress and Senate have the Power to override Cheetohead. This is why we have a system of checks and balances. They need to get it together.

        The government shutdown undermines the economy because those furloughed workers are not spending. Agent Orange Needs to be stopped before he brings about a Depression worse than the one that I happened in the 1930.

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