Shades of inhumanity

Shades of inhumanity

14 March 2016

inhumanity erasmusplus prorefugiu org

Locked glances

Diving into you

From your eyes

Through your soul

We speak the language of love

And Humanity


Our ribs hurt

Over throbbing hearts

They stretch out

Burnt desires

Smouldering coals in fires

Of the brightest red


We gather

Memories of lost stars

Lights’ remnants

Pearl pendants

A meek girl turned masterpiece

Of pain and sorrow


Love is spent

In pennies for lives


Bloom cut short

As pieces of tinsel roll

Between grubby hands


Somewhere dark

A candle was snuffed

Five small puffs

Blew it out

Each breath a string of our sins

Perplexing choices


I cradled

A deep sense of loss

Stark futures

Scribbled grey

Shades of inhumanity

As lilies withered


Reading of the poem: 

inhumanity borgenproject org

Every 8 Minutes, a child goes missing in India

Amen hayr sourp (Canticle of the Trinity) – Lévon Minassian & Armand Amar

Tchinares (You are Slender) – Lévon Minassian & Armand Amar

20 thoughts on “Shades of inhumanity

    • Yesterday I attended an event where a lady called Robin Chaurasia was nominated for an award for her work with the children of sex workers. The friend whom I had attended the event with then spoke to me about the harsh reality of the ground. I knew a lot of it but the full blown horror of the facts is just overwhelming. I could not imagine having actually seen all of that like she did and still be able to feel so hopeful

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        • She is and so is the friend with whom I attended. She founded an organisation called ipartner and her NGO funds initiatives like that of Robin. ipartner is a recognised charity so in case you want to make donations, please feel free to do so

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  1. Our capacity for cruelty breaks my heart, and our capacity for compassion heals my soul. Humanity can be a contrast of extremes. Sad indeed.

    On a brighter note it’s nice to see you Geetha….I’ve been a bit under the weather and recharging my batteries….Hope you are well my friend 🙂

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    • Sorry you were under the weather Mark and hopeful you are getting better by the day. I am well thank you my friend. Very true what you say. I wish we could achieve balance, once and for all.

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  2. Ugh.. this hits home for me. It is my passion to donate money and help in anyway I can, with unfortunate children. Well done my friend for raising awareness!

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