Life’s everlasting flower

Life’s everlasting flower

23 April 2020

Courtesy Christian Schloe


Inside me

The memories spill

They spell slow


Of words gathered in neat stacks

Unfolding in racks


The soothing

Blindness that covers

What I read

Once in time

Now concealed the very rhyme

Of breath that hovers


Outside me

Circles concentric

They twine low

Into skill

Life’s everlasting flower

Intricate power


Reading of the poem:

Alone with the Alone (verses by Ibn’ Arabi)  – Henry Corbin

5 thoughts on “Life’s everlasting flower

  1. The stanza about the soothing blindless that covers. Is so deep. I know that a single poem can have so many meanings for different people. For me, this speaks of a willingful blindness or a wanting to not see what is before one’s eyes.

    This poem left me thinking.

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