Watching life flow by

Watching life flow by

23 March 2016

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I knew fear

It spoke to me trails

Screeching sounds


Raking the inner pathways

Bundles of taut hopes


Piles of dark

They simmer with light

It shimmers

Red embers

Fading bosom remembers

Tick tock of the hope



Timing’s underdog

Rising dark

All will clog

Till the unicorns shudder

Disengaging fate


The hooves beat

Rhythm of morrows

Clad in suns

Twining life

I swallowed more than the strife

Of tallest cities


Inner eye

It sears through my head

Breaking curves

Bending nerves

Reinstating acute sight

Of scorching daylight


Night falls ne’er

Morrows are today

I am clad

In bright fire

Bearing his bridal attire

Watching life flow by


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