The wings they grow slow!

The wings they grow slow!

4 February 2016

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We build selves

Tall and proud oft held

A banner


Crime against what we ignore

We pick of known shelves



A sea of faces


We shun them

Our minds little spam agents

Breaking wheat from wheat


The hard looks

They tell us nothing

What is there

Is unseen

You can only see with heart

Placid meet and greet


We choose swift

The cut relentless

Faces gone

Slow depart

Our memories small suitcases

The rest a blank slate



Invading spaces

Paper thin

Like my heart

On a stark moonless evening

Playing with the dark


I too cut

Oft into myself

Bleak and deep

As it seeps

Separating me from me

I bleed out the self


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You watch sad

There are rivers lit

By fireflies

In your soul

Where we could stitch some small parts

Save the wilderness


I cut slow

The task gory bleak

We melt fast

Like candy

Mouth place of prayer and sin

One of our bridges


I smell you

It fills my nostrils

Deep incense


Your presence every evening

A mantle of joy


Like in dream

Floating high above

You beckon

To the stars

We are not what we may seem

Uneven our scars


We compare

Our bodies a map



They hail they revere they clap

Mutilated shells


We dilate

Cracked open we squirm

Tender worm

Readied harsh

It takes some light years to fly

The wings they grow slow!


Reading of the poem: 

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All you never say – Birdy

Shelter – Birdy

Wings – Birdy (Winter’s Tale)

53 thoughts on “The wings they grow slow!

  1. You write about life in a meaningful way. You share great beauty and sadness. Every word is filled with wonderful emotions. I enjoyed listening to your oral rendition as much as reading it for myself.

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  2. Some of us never grow those wings of enlightenment while others get to enjoy it before passing from this world. This is a brilliant look at how we often try to take the road less painful but end up with those deep scars. While reading your piece for a third time I can honestly say how wise you are.

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  3. Hi dear Geetha …once more the light of your beauty creates expressions of the divine …I’ve missed so many of your poems while I was gone so I am truly blessed to be able to sit this morning in the peace of your ” wings ” ….love , megxxx

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  4. I can see a myriad of emotions within this poem dear Geetha. Although there is sadness I still believe in hope and even though things may look slow at times, they still happen!

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