Morning star

Morning star

24 March 2016

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Empty space

Deconstructed times

Words carry

Weight of hearts

Weaving pain and hope in arts

Of the spoken thought


We forgot

The yarn spread inward

Spinning wheel

Turning slow

Built upon the fading glow

Redesigning worlds


We once lived

In a land of wood

Broken staff

Pointed hours

Out from within realms of scars

Time gushed peeling skin


We loved once

Book of faith and glee

I washed Hearts

Laundered souls

Dark matter amassed like coals

Reeling in waters


Piling black

Capping me like dunce



My roundness into angles

As I squeeze contours


On love’s path

We oft take detours

Ray meets Pi

Shadows’ death

The walk on circumference

A greater journey


Morning star

It buds within me

Rising light

Carries me

Into meadows of morrows

Where forgiveness lies


Reading of the poem: 

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Ameno – Era

21 thoughts on “Morning star

    • Ah ah ah Marissa. I guess because I am somehow a balance between both. In a couple of the personality studies that are done within corporate entities I scored as neither fully right brain nor fully left brain but around the middle. These test of right brain and left brain were used in management definitions to see whether the person was more a person of numbers and rational aspect of things or more a person of creativity and the irrational aspect of things. I happen to love maths and chess and a lot of things that are very rational but at the same time love art and all types of creativity which somehow illustrates this balance between right and left brains.


            • Most of the facebook tests are bogus and some of them are actually profiling tests to check trends in the general population. The results for people are BS most of the time, unlike the profiling data stored for their purposes 😀
              Imagine this: people ask you inquisitive questions about you and your lifestyle and sometimes private questions and you’re upset with the breach of privacy and scared of what they might use that info for; the same pops up in your online “fun” test and you’re all over the place checking those boxes and splashing your data into the database 😂😂😂


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