24 December

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Courtesy funsci.com


Lit me

Inner Fire

Within the flames

Breath of the waters

The vapours shining light

Luminous condensed unreal

A point crystallised in the Heart

Within shades of morrows certainty

There where I would once again be free

Where fire and water played silently

The roads joining to then depart

The memories soft ethereal

Eyes waning losing sight

The mind now falters

Was it but games

He just liar



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Courtesy saatchiart.com



This poem is written in Etheree (and reverse Etheree) form. In this version I have left the 10th line as a pivot using it for both parts. For more information on the form, click here

Devics – The man I love

19 thoughts on “He

    • Thank you Eric. I read in a fellow blogger’s post that perhaps we only write or best write spurred by sadness. While I write from both places I think that perhaps sadness, however distant the memories gives the most intense output. I am sorry it is familiar to you and hope it is not recent


    • Thank you. How lovely of both of you to be so encouraging. I found this form on Shiva (theshivasponder.wordpress.com) website and really loved it. I think it also has to do with the impression of ebb and flow which I am a very big fan of.


      • It fits you like a glove. It might be something I’d be willing to try at some stage. You’re incredibly versatile and so so talented.


    • I was actually thinking you should use it too. One of your posts (Reflection) was very close to that form and you could rework your thoughts or create a new poem with the form.
      Usually I just let the words flow but that was not possible for this form. I had to actually cut out a few words or put in others to reach the syllable count. It was an interesting exercise to actually rework the flow of the poetry because I usually write in one go and do not have to retouch but this working on the structure felt like chiseling, a very nice feeling. I think you’ll enjoy doing the same 😀

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