5 October 2013


Night after night I fly unhindered

Soaring above the weary wastelands

With a heart strong though withered

Towards safety of the homelands


In infinite search of my old being

I rise with tides that slip me past

As time goes by inexorably weaving

The end of all candour steadfast


Beyond I see me true but not real

Reaching out in dazed wondering

Through the spinning of the wheel

We feel, touch this me other thing


The nights spent for spirits to hail

Captivated by scents to ambush

And days mourn the nightingale

Lost in the thorns of the rose bush


As days go by bleak and small

The throbbing of the crowd rises

And while within hope stands tall

Doubt without demise surmises


In flight I scatter what I entrust

To wind and night that fail me never

The last of this mine pink stardust

That will new bond form forever

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