My system failure

My system failure

28-29 April 2016

machina ign com

He takes me

Apart bit by bit

Piece by piece

Settling in

Into broken nothingness

Conform to his whim


Toy lover

His blinding desire

Control streak

Love hacker

Build operate and destroy

The object of Heart


Life restart

Flowing emotion



Flooding out of the program

Now reboot the RAM


System slow

Operations jammed

Blinding light

Out of sight

Reemerging from the crowd

Back into console


Game mainframe

Twitching system roots



Break me piece me up later

Artificial soul


Body whole

Perfunctory frame

Tested hands

Fitting feet

Spasmodic as you endorse

My system failure


Reading of the poem: 


machina frontrowcentral com

Logan’s run

Ex Machina Trailer

Get down Saturday Night – Dance scene from Ex Machina

20 thoughts on “My system failure

  1. Did you see all the allusions to the French folktale Bluebeard?

    Like in life itself, future, present and past are deeply intertwined in this movie, this is why it is so potent.

    Thanks for sharing

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, it is also a systematic analysis of female stereotypes that are submissive and born from male fantasy. There is also an allegoric depiction of feminity in art through the masks, busts and naked poses of Kyoko. Thank you for your deep comments.


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