Softly I will fade

Softly I will fade

26 November 2015

softly mymodernnet com


Releasing the task

Multiplication resumed

Frame taken over


Morrows will beckon

To new guests in the banquet

My flesh to consume


Bread for the party

Bejewelled distribution

Casket of glory



softly deviantart com federico-bebber-2


The evenings spent fast

Making the merry of host

Canticles for wine


softly mymodernnet com federico bebber



Lavish and wondrous

In pursuit of the honey

A feast for the numb


Eating out the core

A basket of apples juiced

Into oblivion


Softly I will fade

As summer breathes its last dew

Upon yellow leaves


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All images courtesy except the last courtesy The beautiful ladies in mist are courtesy Federico Bebber published on

Lake of Tears – Forever Autumn

Lake of Tears – So fell Autumn rain

Lake of Tears – When my sun comes down

13 thoughts on “Softly I will fade

  1. Wow, Geetha. Beautiful imagery. The death of a season is a beautiful. transition. ‘As summer breathes its last dew upon yellow leaves.’ Said it all for me. As always, your ability to engage the mind of the reader and take them to places they have never travelled, is beyond compare.

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  2. Death comes to all and in Autumn we are reminded of it for we truly become the feast at our final banquet…I love the parallels you draw, in much of your work, between nature and humanity…stunning poetry, images and videos – your work never disappoints:)

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    • Thank you, what a wonderful compliment 🙂 . I always feel inclined to draw such parallels because I see how much we share with nature and how it runs through all of what we are or do. As for death, I was hoping I could evade that one. They say two things in life are certain, death and taxes. I live in a tax free country but I guess no country can be death free 🙂


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