Sijo (Shijo)

Silent I reverberate, regenerating in Heartpath


As a closing, I would like to inform that I have discovered this Korean Artform on 22nd October thanks to a fellow blogger FT Ledrew ( to whom I am very grateful for enabling me to have this new means of experimentation and expression. I then decided to experiment with it immediately using the raw material of emotions available to me and attempting to follow the usual structure described in the following link and which I paraphrase here as a first line of 3-4-4-4 syllables stating the theme of the poem, a similar second line in pattern but with an elaboration of the first line’s theme and a third line divided into two sections with the first (counter-theme / twist or surprise in meaning sound or other device) grouped as 3-5 syllables and the second part (conclusion of the poem) written as 4-3

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