A silverlining

Deep into mountain

Bark oozing shed tears

Alone we are not lonesome

The bird on the hand

The fading shine bright


Between mind and heart

Particles to keep

A mist to conceal

Dark Matter’s ink diluted

Mother’s spirits had risen

Come to me in the mist’s sighs

Like pockets in Heart

Regaining Unity’s Faith

The clouds gathered dark

The nostalgia of your face

Down the rabbit hole I fell

In dreams I live our spent lives

All the sanity in me

I flew to the chalk mountain

Darken the full moon

Tomorrow’s tides

Moving shadows lie softly

The Beloved’s feet

Heart’s rotating light

Rise from the dead realm

I walked down to the river

Hollow Earth breathes loud

First light that filled skies

Rise and shine o hearts that Love

In fractional truth we lie

With spirit I walk unscathed

As the last bits would shatter

Further into light

Distant sunrays shine

How not to be now

Sun bled tomorrow


Thousand one nights with spirit

The waves of transformation

Seven skies, veils and stages

In the Earth’s stillness

The grass grows greener

In reed I renewed myself

Once upon a time we loved

As I then breathe out serene

Like a twin answering me

Time unbound whirled on

Out living a lie

Into black and white

And the river flowed

The other side of me

I see fire

Earth in me

Dark matter

A deathly pallor

I hear your call

Traces of you

Live in tomorrow today

In Time

Dans le doux silence de l’air / In the sweet silence of air

Tomorrow no more


Requiem in steel

Dances in Blue

A Sense of Wonder

Death of a leaf?

After the rains


Morrows’ morning sun

I felled a tree

In rapture

Cast in stone

And the sea roared

Swallow in the sun

Setting fire to the moon


Peace profound


Live, Love, Trust, Thrive

Collecting days

Requiem for the undead

Sleep eternal




Rake me a pile

Cloudy change

The roaches are still

A night to devise a day to rise

The moon hopes the sun



Dawn / Aube


Dead white

Dead bird

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