And so they lived happily ever

Luminescence strikes my Heart before I leave this old world

The transformation occurs under deep narcosis

Miracles in the palm of my hand

Circular dance in energy flow

Liquid cracks parallel portals chime

Every Time Mother would shed a Tear

Tune short waves the composite and plain

The flaming doves on my face draw light

The Far meets the Close and the Everything in Between

Come speak to Heart again Eleven

Eye will see you blow the hatred’s Flames

Twin Futures


Landay is an Afghan folk artform of poetry with apparently little rules and which follows as paraphrased from the below link a twenty-two syllable structure with nine in the first line and thirteen in the second which may or may not rhyme. The poem is meant to end with the sound “ma” or “na.” but in my landays I will not necessarily follow this last constraint.

I discovered this form on 22nd October thanks to a fellow blogger FT Ledrew ( and am ever so grateful to him for enabling me to have a new means of expression and experimentation. In view of my enthusiasm for this art form, I decided to create for it a page which I hope to populate as much as I have populated this blog with other art forms.


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