I will Heal your Soul

I will Heal your Soul

27 December 2015

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Courtesy dreamhealer.wordpress.com


I see your sorrow

In muted crying of mind

As despair rises


Lay your sword and shield

Let love be only dagger

Piercing gently Heart


Sit by my rivers

Bank on rising tides’ glory

Sing to your shadows


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Courtesy earthempaths.net


Lay down weary head

Speak to me of your troubles

Let me wash your woes


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Embrace the feeling

Emerging from nothingness

Into Love’s glory


I will Heal your Soul

Swell blossoms of moonlit eyes

Crescents of morrows


When sunshine rises

Within dark of your valleys

You will feel the warmth


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Sarah Jaffe – Swelling

23 thoughts on “I will Heal your Soul

  1. Beautiful sentiments in perfectly crafted lines…to heal the soul of another; to bring warmth and light to cold and dark…just gorgeous, Geetha

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        • يا ريت ما يكون فيه وقف قلب
          Thank you for the new link. A beautiful song. What does it say? I can’t find the lyrics. It actually does sound a lot like Charles Aznavour


          • His name is Elon Sarafian – this is the closet translation I was able to get:

            Barely mumbled stream,
            Barely over a green valley
            Bird sang among the branches –
            He spoke and you, my son.
            You said the first word
            In our ancient language,
            Lips children fell
            By the immortal jets in the spring.
            My son, I give you
            Inheritance. Promise to take care,
            As valuable treasure as his life,
            Armenian native language.
            Thundered in the deserts of our language,
            Rang at the edge of mountain trails,
            BOOM * Nut into the world entered,
            He taught the people Mesrop * …
            Inscribed on the scroll began,
            It became our banner in the centuries
            And led the nation between wild cliffs
            Under the gloomy clouds in the sky.
            He sang about the hard fraction
            Eternal exile – Armenian,
            Our language is a song blaring
            In the days that searcheth Godin.
            Sometimes his mother sang, sadness,
            I lullaby to him,
            Now, to you, my child,
            He came through the centuries stream.
            Rushing water of the spring,
            Like a bird chirping in the gardens,
            Let it be our language gray
            As a child on your lips!
            Take care of it, so be it
            So clean as Ararat in the snow,
            Keep it for all time,
            How unforgettable ancestors dust.
            You have to defend it everywhere,
            How would protect his mother,
            Coming to the aid of her in the lurch,
            She is fighting for her in battle.
            Do not tarnish the purity,
            Wherever you the right way.
            And if the mother will forget you –
            Armenian question, do not forget!

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