Bringer of the light

Bringer of the light

16 February 2016

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She sits calm

Pondering life’s ways

As Time flows

Like rivers

Our souls go through highs and lows

In dancing waters


Sometimes fast

Sometimes inching ants

We let rants

Broken past

Separate our hearts that beat

Quick admit defeat


The knowledge

It comes slow steady

Into minds

Waking souls

Of the chosen few ready

To live on the edge


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He lived thrill

His words harsh mouth shrill

Skull beating

The heart numb

Errors of past repeating

His memory played dumb


We light skies

With crazed fireflies’ glow

Or dead stars

Throbbing lies

Bursting out of mind’s control

To clean mess takes hours


The clock sighs

As it counts seconds

Turning slow


Two were to bear it the flame

Now one scurries lame


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Courtesy ideasplayer


Phantom twin

Runs lone for the win

Ghostly foot

Joins the race

In pairs we face less disgrace

Battered time relay


He turns meek

His lessons now learnt

The soul burnt

Forged by change

He offers strong other cheek

Forgiveness not strange


Each other’s

Tutor and pupil

Lessons pour

The heart’s fill

Winning humility’s sight

Bringer of the light


Reading of the poem: 



A big thank you to Hector ( ) for his introduction to Paolo Nutini

One Day – Paolo Nutini

Don’t let me down – Paolo Nutini

No other way – Paolo Nutini

Recover – Paolo Nutini

Scream (Funk my life up) – Paolo Nutini

Better man – Paolo Nutini

44 thoughts on “Bringer of the light

  1. Loved it. The part that struck me most was about the knowledge coming slowly. It makes me think of how long Iit took me to reach this part of my life. I so wish I had my wisdom current wisdom earlier in life. I would have been so much happier. Lovely piece.

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    • Welcome and thank you for referring the beautiful music. That in itself deserved a mention but your blog is also so full of beautiful thoughts I am sure people who visit it will be charmed like I was 🙂

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  2. “The knowledge It comes slow steady Into minds” – this one reminds me of how I love the “light” shinning strong in my later years. It takes a life time to find it and sometimes we regret wasted years. Sometimes it feels like I was asleep and now I am awake. Beautiful one Geetha.

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    • Thank you Hector. We should not regret anything in reality because it is all only experiences and lessons learnt. We must use the past as a token of remembrance for what we are able to build later on in life if we build it at all. Some continue sleeping throughout their lifetime and awake only few instants before their death.

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