6 November 2013


Wave and hail swing and lash

Creation is from thy wonder

Illusion fades from open gash

When voices bring in thunder


You knew me not, now no more

Will eyes upon me dwell

For inside me spirits roar

To clank of screeching knell


I washed ashore on frozen land

From deep and murky pond

Magic they say is in command

And not mere swing of wand


Light and dark in me they clash

Puzzles for minds to ponder

And light seals dark in a flash

Yet dark concealed lies under


Rub and rub till flesh is sore

And scrub you may as well

But light and dark mind once bore

Stay weaved by healing spell


Time goes by as seeping sand

While orbs within abscond

On goes brave and weaving hand

For earth with skies will bond

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