Burning bittersweet

Burning bittersweet


Looking within, him I thought I had found

Who’d root me again firmly to the ground

My mad lonely mind he would help to sway

From strange ethereal worlds far away


I set out to him cloaked in my best white

Wedded again with a heart full of light

On I went, not knowing me he would smite

Drinking with frenzy from him the mere sight


Climbing a mountain one can’t stay that high

My heart heaving with the eternal sigh

I embraced, plunged into the other side

It is nothing but life’s tireless tide


I delve in my mind’s world, arid site

In love’s game I’m always pawn, never knight

Time and time again I heal and invite

Desire, faith, hope, fools tricked by their might


And even as struck me those warning bells

Sounding my return to those heathen hells

My heart cringed, shriveled, yet again it swells

Oozing so acrid and so ghastly smells


My burning heart gives me yet no respite

I wake to the dawn of a sleepless night

Turning and tossing from love’s acid bite

It was all only lies, all wrong, not right.

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