Tango sketches

Tango sketches

19 August 2017


A couple of days ago, I was pondering on my love for tango and decided that I needed to express it somehow as I was not dancing much of late. The result is a series of study sketches based on videos I viewed of tango dances. I am not sure which one to choose to convert into an oil painting or an aquarelle.

Please do suggest and perhaps I will go with the most popular one. Thanks for all your views and comments in advance.


Tango 2

Tango 3

Tango 4


Tango 5


Chicho y Juana tango Bajofundo) Mantova TF 2008

25 thoughts on “Tango sketches

  1. Definitely the first, but that’s my preference, there is something about staring into the eyes of the person with whom you’re enjoying a beautiful moment, with whom you are creating a memory thats worth pondering over, it does something to me. 🙂


  2. In response to the original intention of your post I say while number two sketch shows a splash of the dance, number four illustrates the base needed for the “showy” moments.
    And the legs seemingly moving in opposite direction while the dancers are, as we know, moving together – well, this is Tango.

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