Give me back my old sad heart

A poem that is an extract of the maiden’s speech from the story Stars the shepherd and the maiden written in fall 2010 with a friend, Lars Epperson, writing the part of the shepherd and me writing the part of the maiden. It was a truly interesting experience and I have now isolated the last bit on youtube into a separate poem

18 December 2010


Choked on muffled sounds

Of a chest ripping apart

Axis shifting, desolate grounds

“Give me back my old heart”


Surgical bite of a knife

Cutting through the skin

I was of it so full, rife

And now look at it so thin


As they cut it I wake with a start

“Please”, I beg in agony

“Give me back that old sad heart”

Back to sleep they put me


It is only in my sleep that I fight

Screeching sounds as they polish

Under that horrid glaring light

My new heart to best finish


Flailing I gasp for help

But on they go inserting

My voice down to a yelp

This alien into me reaching


In agony I yell again reeling

“I want it back my old heart”

“Don’t you want it the healing?”

They snap at me, “You stupid tart!”


“I will be good I will not waste it please”

My tears pour as I beg and pray

“I will never give it to another tease

Just don’t take my old heart away!”


I read on their face their dire contempt

But on I plead with this new hope

Knees scraped, eyes glazed, hair unkempt

Without my heart I cannot cope


“Here you go pathetic fool

You will never learn your lesson!”

I run groping for it lost in a pool

Of blood, its touch is like heaven


Back I insert it, shredded waning

Excruciating pain ” it is not weak!”

I feel it pulsing with what’s remaining

In time again, it will be back to its peak



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