O Moon of my sleepless nights

O Moon of my sleepless nights

(Translation into English of the Occitan Sonnet written in French. See original here or here)

19 June 2016

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The desert heat prevents not cold in the Heart

From a Time of innocence, I keep fresh instants

Of running in green meadows before rancour time

When deliquescence act begat fruit of sourness


A song of Prévert revives in me outcry

Of an untroubled Time alongside years of happiness

Singing open-hearted I collect the tears

Of thousand nights of existence of lives red like flowers


O Moon of my sleepless nights in your silvery dresses

Do you see the deadly traces of our wounded lovemaking?

My memory fails me from too many souls travelled


The tired lives are stacking up in upright walls prepared

Scaffold where one slices the necks with the bluish lines

Dead Tides chorus for hurried soothsayers

Reading of the poem: 

O moon tumblr com
Courtesy tumblr.com

Sois tranquille – Emmanuel Moiré

Sans dire un mot – Emmanuel Moiré

Beau malheur – Emmanuel Moiré

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