A Sense of Wonder

A Sense of Wonder

23 January 2015



Stars above burned bright

Exhaling scent of jasmine

The night sighed softly

Night’s cool stilled my wilderness

As I breathed in what she breathed


The nightingale sang

To a tune etched between times

The morrow embraced today

As dawn crept into my mind

That ceased its wandering quest


Pale shadows would stretch

Spirits dancing in the wind

To flames unbeknownst

The mind flickering responds

As it twists and turns in tides


A crow grazed like cows

Its beak a semblance of thorn

Lost are now its roots

Black in my mind left ajar

Left coal’s streaks among roses


Birds awoke to light

That stirred in their nest aflame

From sun’s beckoning

A lone memory called not

A heart that set its course right


The cock crowed no more

Its voice now silent on land

That stretched in stillness

A lake within flowed silent

Its surface clear of intent


Petunia now bloomed

Reaching out to sun’s kisses

As sunflower leapt

A leap of faith overcame

The longest bridges of mind


A tear fell silent

For the beauty of all

That unravelled grace

Softly spoken promises

That behold my eye in awe


wonder2        wonder10




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