I felled a tree

I felled a tree

11 January 2015

 blue tree 16

The bird once more soared

Wings clinging to yesterday

Encumbered dark flight

Into my mind’s nest it flew

Birds, why do you flutter so?


The sparrow revelled

In a nest left free from egg

Where moss met chill’s rant

Cold had crept into my thoughts

That once had felt warmth of faith


Drunken butterflies

Feasting on million flowers

Followed the bird’s flight

Sobering sadness seized me

As lost wings’ scars ached again


Petunias quivered

Pink and white bells of penance

That hung in sorrow

Head followed in remembrance

Of lost trail of upward trends


Jasmine filled the air

With sweet scent of forgiveness

Engulfing senses

A tidal wave renewed hope

As winged creatures sang in ears


The leaves whispered winds

Warning all creatures of loss

As the axe hummed low

Unmoved, the reaper answered

In hoarse promise of quick death


Shivers ran through trunks

As the message now sank in

Bringing hush to woods

Breaking it I felled a tree

That had once been all my joy


Leaves raked into piles

Bundles of forgotten might

Tell stories of trees

That once like us too stood tall

Now riddled with memories


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