Roaming mind

19 November 2010

It came and so often again it went

Solitude of a mind staying unbent

Thoughts roaming looking to rent

A mind, a body or a soul not spent

 The mazes through which we went

From hills to valleys free fall descent

Thoughts scarring, scars not meant

To leave of ailment but a mere scent

The thoughts that called reception

Earl’s age, oh but the cruel deception!

I nurtured it in me, mine conception

The purest inkling, the first inception

It seemed but to be sweet rapture

More than human mind did capture

I roamed seeking greener pasture

Roaming, stumbling, mind to nurture

Stillness the thought of it so dreary

I walk alone in my heart gone weary

What I shun now I saw too so clearly

It was life’s gift that I held so dearly

Reading of my poem on youtube

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