The falling children

The falling children

31 January 2016

Srebrenica Genocide 20th Anniversary


Each of them

Unknown mother’s son

Their graves white

Their hair cut

Their tomorrows spent in night

Their haunting timeless


Lily white

The stone on the Earth

Trace of them

Fading slow

With the last pieces of bone

Replicating loss


The tears dark

Blackwashing markings

Rimmel lakes


The soul a weary bundle

The struggle to sigh



She awaits

Hope within bosom

Her plaits neat

Flowers strewn

She had kissed him to wane moon

He will call in well


He lies deep

Battered and lonesome

His clothes pressed

Upon his corpse

They had sewn in his blown feet

He walked on a shell



They crawl wild

With the gnawing news



Orphaned dreams set their dark fate

The falling children


The love lost

Three times blown over

Ghosts hover

Angels weep

Her love so deep now asleep

The forever kind


A twin loss

Her womb now empty

She stares blank

The walls smite

Like those silent lilies’ sight

Her wish? to be blind!


Reading of the poem: 

falling praguepost com

In your head zombie – Cranberry

Strawberry Fields – Across the Universe

They dance alone – Sting

49 thoughts on “The falling children

  1. So stirring. Like one of your other commenters, as a mom, I can’t bare to think of anything happening to my children or grandson and it tears me apart inside even when I hear of these awful atrocities faced by children I don’t know. They should be cherished, loved and protected. It’s sad that this is the commentary of the world we live in today.

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  2. The sadness from this madness is so poignantly captured in your words…It is the innocents’ that always suffer most in any conflict. May the prayers for peace blanket our world more sanely ღ

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  3. stone on the Earth, trace of them….so poignant and true…so many stones left behind to remember the fallen (some children themselves) – a reminder of those left orphaned as well… and a mother, at the end, whose womb is empty, unable to give home to another…a sad story, my friend…I like how you have tailored your use of language to fit this one…

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