The Lisping set Flames

The Lisping set flames

7 November 2015


A part of me large 2

Weary is the soul

That tireless travels between

Fires and Waters


Icicles will form

On the tips of my eyelids

For brethren washed out


The fire cleanses

Shards that shifted in morrows

Between Blue and Red



The clock stuck in twelve

Struck more than the midnight count

When spirits would roam


balance thebluetemple wordpress com

I floated in air

Circles bound me to nowhere

As the river flowed


Rotating in trap

The core shifted towards more

The Lisping set flames


Seven spelled the days

Four and four faced the seven

Infinity flew



Rumi Poem, Iranian Music and Divine Dance

15 thoughts on “The Lisping set Flames

      • I appreciate your honesty. It’s fine. I would never wish for people to simply be polite. I promise not to post pictures of my chainsaw any time soon. However, the axe is very beautiful and shall be put to good use as soon as the rains stop.

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        • Lol, chainsaws would plant in me the worst of nightmares. I am very sensitive to imagery which is why I avoid watching TV. Enjoy your tools, the hand that creates find the tools that it needs always. I once used to love trident shaped daggers and most of my candlesticks have that shape now but nothing else does 🙂


        • Actually I hope you don’t mind me using your Axe’s picture. It inspired me a poem together with Shitji Sharma’s wall which then just brought about Pink Floyd’s video. Being Alice with the neverending Hatter by my side, I could only dwell upon both

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              • Absolutely fine. Nutty is great. I’ll have to revisit this piece again as there’s so much going on here. Was your mind overflowing? I have shared this on my blog.

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                • Yes my mind was waterfalls and actually my hands would not type that fast and I had to stop the flow as it would have been too long otherwise for the whispered number and the number was 8. This will sound probably even nuttier than the poem itself but everytime my words flow, I hear a number or several numbers. They are supposed to mean something but most of the Time I am not sure what they mean as they rarely hit a cord with me. I am noticing though that even some very old poems that I wrote actually hit a nerve with people I am just meeting now and whom I did not know back then 2010-2011

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                  • I could sense that as I was reading the piece, it was so overpowering. I too have been witness to that ‘waterfall effect’ and my fingers; almost on fire from the speed with which they hit the keys. There are numbers that keep repeating in my life and also with someone very close to my heart. She recently had those numbers tattooed on her arm, within a clock. I’ve no idea why they keep appearing but it is something I would like to know more about.

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                    • My number was 1111 for a long time and then it became 777 and now several other numbers just keep alternating. I used to hear go with the flow, then become the flow and now I hear you are the flow. I guess I have given up on trying to be a normal Jane now. Yet I used to love so much the name Jane because of my beloved Jane Eyre whom I used to picture as me when I was a Young girl. Now I am plain Jane no more 😀

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                    • Thanks though I always liked the name Jane. Had I been able to name myself I might even have chosen it for myself :-D. Tarzan was another thing which got me like the name Jane but then I dumped the comics at quite a Young age as it did not make much sense when you thought about his situation. I took up Mandrake instead at around 7 😉

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