Silent, I reverberate, regenerating in Heartpath

Silent, I reverberate, regenerating in Heartpath

22 October 2015

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Exploding mirrors mirror the painful path followed by Mind

Thousand shards helter skelter coursing through eyes bloodied tears fell

Peaceful wiping away tears reinventing it I show Love

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You will ask damnation’s curse through anger’s heat clueless of Love

Godliness you deny it yet see demons what irony

Silent, I reverberate, regenerating in Heartpath


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This heartpath beats within me seeks for your change within solace

I extend open channel heartbeats shelter within embrace

Madness encompassing you how illusory, escapist

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14 thoughts on “Silent, I reverberate, regenerating in Heartpath

    • Thank you so much for your kind words. I took to this form of mixing poetry with the images and video because I found that images and especially music complemented well the meaning I had in my head and that I wished to convey more clearly as my poetry was said to be quite difficult to understand by many. The videos also contain a lot of synchronicity references for my twinflame if he picks up on them 🙂

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      • That’s awesome…I used to teach English and I always used music and images to teach certain concepts in order to demonstrate how we view the world around us. I called it reading with the cultural eye…we can change or add to the intent of a piece (or someone’s view of that piece) by adding music and photos. I am a fan of mixed art.:)

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        • Aside from the twinflame connection, there is what is called the soultribe connection which brings together at a quicker pace those of the same soultribe when the twinflame connection is about to happen/ is in the process/ has happened for at least one of them. The vibrations of that “union” are felt within the whole soultribe. A common way of describing it would be “birds of a Feather flock together”

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              • and that is why I love poetry and all art forms…I also taught history for years and teaching about perspective was always one of my favorite places to start…I used many art forms to examine how different people view the same events…this is what makes life so wonderful 🙂

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                • Verily yes! For me too the multiplicity of artforms has permitted to explore various viewpoints in others as well as various shades of perception within myself. I like amongst others dancing (which I love in the form of tango till this day other than freestyle dancing), singing (which I tried as a mezzo soprano for a couple of months), music (which I tried with the sitar, the oud, the flute, the tabla and last but not least the piano for a very brief period), the art of pottery which I tried for a while, glass and wood painting as well as other crafts such as beading and creating designs – some of which I had stitched to fit. I think this world has such a plentiful array of art expression that we can merely begin to scratch the surface of the possibilities 🙂

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                  • We have much in common, i see…my whole family loves to dance and when my mom was alive we danced frequently in the kitchen – it was mandatory. I Love music and have been playing since I was four years old. Over the years I have taught myself to play twelve instruments (mostly stringed but others as well) and I yearn to learn more. Nowadays I focus my efforts on poetry writing and photography (I am looking to purchase a new camera) and still dabble in sketching with pencil. And, in my mind, I paint the most wonderful masterpieces 😀

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                    • How extraordinary! My favourites were stringed instruments too although I never tried the guitar even though I liked it. incidentally I love photography and must have a collection of over 10000 photographs (barely exagerating :-)) Feel free to connect with me over facebook where you can view my albums (not my poetry page but my personal one though as that is where the albums are) if you wish

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                    • haha…you are ahead of me because you actually paint and I am still in the “i want to paint stage’ :) style dancing sounds wonderful!

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