Alpha and Omega

Alpha and Omega

24 June 2016

drowning eyeofodysseus com


Sinking nothings

They call out to mind

Of lesser importance names

Only the calling

A matter of speeches


The sight reaches

Into outer skies

Where unrestrained lie the cries

Of birds that fall dead

Their wings burdens of lead


I am falling

Into your bosom

Mortality’s contraption

How sweet is this death

Living within your breath


Tomorrows whirl

We are lone breathers

Mossy ground of the reapers

Calls to our still bones

Reality Time hones


Joining deltas

Only uncertain

Leads the hand through the curtain

Tainted veils restrain

Now diluted the pain


We build castles

Where dreams peak in surge

Remnants of the ghostly powers

Humanity’s urge

Alpha and Omega


Reading of the poem: 

rising deviantart com rising_star_by_alexeyevich-d3cfh25
Courtesy Alexeyevich on

Down – Evi Vine

How Time flies – Evi Vine

For the Dreamers – Evi Vine

7 thoughts on “Alpha and Omega

  1. I’m not sure what you’re trying to convey here, but I like it a lot. The rhythm is nice, filled with great visuals and excellent word choice. Very nicely done, my friend!

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    • Thank you Dustin for reading and liking . There is a lot going on here so explaining it would be equivalent to paraphrasing every concept in words that are less relevant. Let’s say that in part this poem explores both our humanity and our godliness as well as the unique traits related to both.
      This is also dreamtime poetry as I call it, i.e. either inspired directly after waking up from a dream or being created in an altered state (during a time of somnolence or other altered state like that deriving from coming out of no thought like after deep meditation).
      Having said that, I think it is important that each person read it according to their own sensitivity and cultural values as it is not meant to convey the same message to all 🙂

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      • You are certainly welcome! Thank YOU for sharing!
        It felt rather convoluted when I read it I definitely picked up on the humanity vibes, and given the title, I felt pretty confident that at least part of it had something to do with god, the gods, etc… Poetry is often open to interpretation, so this makes complete sense to me. The best writing (fiction or otherwise) should not attempt to sway the audience in any way. Invoking emotion is one thing, and we should feel SOMETHING, but didacticism is another. You know?
        It’s great that you can be inspired by your dreams and write about them. I rarely remember my dreams, and I wonder what marvelous creations could come from them.


        • What a pity you rarely remember them. As you say, some marvelous creations could come from them. I usually rush to my computer to write my dreamtime impressions down or sometimes even fall asleep in my armchair and wake up to jot down what has been going on. In other extreme cases I actually dream awake 😀
          Thanks for stopping by and commenting 🙂

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