Humanity stuck in throat

Humanity stuck in throat (With Love only Creed)

6 December 2015


despair vi sualise us



Sometimes I throw up

From a small tightened belly

Waters muddy brown


A share of disgrace

From non-existent lean wells

River banks of stench


Sometimes I throw up

Endless fights in name of Gods

Blind to their fake creed


Giddiness alerts

A wave of nausea strikes

Within pulsing Heart


Sometimes I throw up

Humanity stuck in throat

Like an endless thorn


While the dead bear dead

And life dwindles in lost Hope

As powers grow walls


Fashionable lady on the sea storm


Sometimes I digest

Small miracles of caring

Emblems of sharing


A slice of fresh bread

Multiplied not divided

For aching stomachs


Sometimes I digest

As the young outgrow shackles

With Peace in their trails


New Dawn beckoning

Skies of reachable Nature

Resting place of coils


Sometimes I digest

Small measures of blue freedom

With Love only Creed


Unstoppable Grace

Traces of Ancient Wisdom

The Death of the Greed


despair slodive com the-assumption-of-the-virgin


The Old Ways – Loreena McKennitt

The Mystic’s Dream – Loreena McKennitt

Seeds of Love – Loreena McKennitt

A Time for Us – Andy Williams

8 thoughts on “Humanity stuck in throat

  1. A quick scan of daily news headlines can cause our humanity to stick on our throats…there is such madness in the world, but like war and hate, love and hope can be multiplied and must start within each one of us…we are here to love and to do all things in the name of love…again, your words are thought provoking and written in perfect form and flow…a beautiful piece, Geetha…thank you for sharing 🙂

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    • Thank you Thomas, very perceptively read. I usually avoid watching the news because it affects me too much as there is almost nothing good that is highlighted but because of my imagination even what I read comes to life too vividly sometimes. My option has become now to ask my father to give me a digest of the news that he reads unperturbed 🙂

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      • You are welcome…I gather my news selectively from a number of online sources, filtering the stuff I want to avoid, but I still have to read the headlines…like you, I am sensitive to the world around me…

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  2. Wow. Yes absolutely. Sometimes I find it so difficult to digest humanity’s inhuman nature to each other and to this gift of a planet we live on. And also in try to remind myself there is always a sliver of hope in my heart. Beautiful, Geetha. All my best.


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