A mist to conceal

A mist to conceal

2 January 2016

blood deviantart com red_riding_hood_by_thornevald-d5y0ur6
Courtesy thornevald on deviantart.com


A mist to conceal

Winter’s fog could lead astray

Though the sun glitters

There are roads from you to me

Splintered shuddering prayers


angel deviantart com pink_angel_by_slimdandy-d5xrbyi
Courtesy slimdandy on deviantart.com


A mist to conceal

Gathered around clouds that cry

Below winter sky

Heart stayed thus aware aloof

While mind shredded the waters


mist atronomia-iniciacion com
Courtesy astronomia-iniciacion.com


A mist to conceal

Shuttered veil for eye of God

Whispering cosmos

Soul reached higher touched the eye

Doubt dissolves from shining Core


mist news sponli com
Courtesy news.sponli.com

The Moon And The Nightspirit – The Secret Path



11 thoughts on “A mist to conceal

  1. Dream-line, ethereal, surreal…the sense that the soul must rise above what it can’t see through in order to quell doubt…stunning imagery, my friend in perfect form…love the image of shredding waters instead of treading 😀


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