Butterfly effect

Butterfly effect

3 September 2016

butterfly mirella deviantart com
Courtesy Mirella Santana on deviantart.com

The paving

Of linear bricks

Constrain me

With black wall

Play of shadows mind enthrall

Following rabbits


Old habits

Wear me in measures

Of black white

Turning grey

The heart never counts delay

Though mind sees concrete


Fly higher

Time’s angles dilute

In carving


I open wings resolute

Butterfly effect


Reading of the poem: 

Opposites against_the_darkness_by_mirellasantana-d8vgnfc
Courtesy Mirella Santana on deviantart.com

Black & White – Roedelius/Celletti

12 thoughts on “Butterfly effect

  1. I’m not always very great at interpreting poetry and quite often get the wrong end of the stick. Some of the turns of phrase make me think of my own life, though. For example, “Old habits / Wear me in measures / Of black white / Turning grey” reminds me of passing through the rather dull and depressing routine of my daily experience as night follows day follows night and I just keep getting older. That’s probably not what the lines means to you, I’m guessing, but it’s where my thoughts went with them. 🙂

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    • There is partly that concept but also the idea of how we generally tend to see things as either black or white and do not willingly see the different shades of grey in between. Things are not always black or white despite our general habit of seeing them that way. You’ve done well at interpreting considering that most of the time very few people understand what I am saying in the poetry. Perhaps it is also because there are several meanings condensed usually. Thanks for commenting.

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