Other poles shifted

Other poles shifted

30 October 2015

poppy pine ru
Courtesy pine.ru



The days hurried by

Grey repetition of beats

But for three red spots


I loved poppy fields

Often most when they touched skies

In red-blue embrace


A rabbit scurried

He bestowed me some nonsense

From bottled malice

shifted aliceinwonderland wikia org
Courtesy aliceinwonderland.wikia.org


The Earth spun around

Sun’s glorious stray dances

While I composed soul

magic 2
Courtesy pinterest.com


The nightingale whirled

All wheels flew out of axis

Camp descent painful


A tadpole blinked twice

Its tongue caught a fly’s motion

Other poles shifted


I took crimson walk

Between yellow lines but fell

Forgotten in hay

horizon forwallpaper com
Courtesy forwallpaper.com

4 thoughts on “Other poles shifted

  1. Your words and choice of music read my mind. Sade has been on my playlist all day. I Love her song Soldier of Love. Your poetry takes me to another place deep inside my mind. You are a shapeshifter of words and imagery.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Deborah. I do hope you are feeling better and yes, you are definitely a soldier of Love though recently you have probably been “crying everyone’s tears”. Your immense love, dedication and sacrifice for that love are truly commendable and should be rewarded. I feel deeply for both Stephen and you. Keep strong, keep the faith fairy godmother and may your wishes come true.

      Liked by 1 person

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