Reinvented spring

Reinvented spring

3 January 2016


Spectacles, new eyes

Look within their frame’s focus

Winter’s snow turns crisp


Next doors a bird chirps

A leafy tree in desert

Reinvented spring



Rain’s pitter patter

Upon the meadows flowers

Snow preserved by walls


Beach sands extended

Slight rivers joining the sea

Summer kissed winter



Images from my camera for the flowers (all from my garden) and from,,, for the Dubai sightseeing points landscapes

I wrote this poem in a series of Haiku bordering on Senryu because it struck me how much it is typical of this country in its winter to know of three seasons within the same time; mainly winter, spring and summer together but during some days winter, spring and autumn bizarrely depending on where you are going. The winter symbol is of course man-made with the construction of ski Dubai in Mall of the Emirates where you can go skiing regardless of the temperature outside. Winter here is the equivalent of spring in Europe and when it is not raining the weather is fantastic, flowers are blooming and birds are chirping everywhere.


Spyro Gyra – Cafe Amore




22 thoughts on “Reinvented spring

    • Thank you Eric. I am glad you liked the pics as well. I love photography and must have taken over 10,000 pics just in a couple of years. I have many albums on facebook and many more pictures that I never uploaded. It’s like the cliché about the Japanese 😀

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  1. My first thought was how odd it was to have a poem referencing spring in the dead of winter, but your explanation made it all understandable. Lovely words! Where are you from then? Dubai?


  2. Another gorgeous piece, this time showcasing your talented camera work…your opening line describe how we see the world through the lens – those new eyes/spectacles and your photography is as stunning as your writing.Great post, Geetha and thanks for sharing your wonderful artistry with us 😀

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  3. Love the poem and the music…Spryo Grya originally formed in my hometown Buffalo, NY…We actually have many famous musicians from our area…biasedly I think we have a large collection of top-notch artists in many different genres from western NY. A blue collar city with a distinctive creative artistic soul.

    Happy New Year Geetha…Wishing all the best in 2016 and beyond ღ

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    • Blessed be your area then 🙂 Did the blues and soul music not arise from sorrow of the slaves? I think that working in direct relationship with the Earth and its products keeps the soul more vivid although the other extreme when taken within a philosophical concept can also have the same effect. Happy New Year and many more to come for you Mark. I hope you are doing well this year and all is well within your family too. Much love to you all.

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