A green maiden in snow to dress

L’essentiel des débats éperdus dans le flou / The essence of debates confounded in the blur

Les changements là bruissaient nouveau monde en écrin / The changes there rustled new world in jewel case

La rose qu’on dépose déverse en cœur bleues eaux / The rose that is laid down pours in heart blue waters

Je revis le trépas d’un sein qu’on engorge / I revisit the death of a breast that is choked

Dans la gloire qui périt dans les cendres de nos urnes / In glory perishing in ashes of our urns

Préserve mon Aquitaine des complots qu’ils ourdissent / Preserve my Aquitaine from the plots they prepare

J’ai mémoire d’une chanson fredonnée en histoire / I remember a song hummed low in history

Heart given completely yonder story untold

I wake to the burning rivers

Mets du corps dans mon zèle envolées en tirades / Put body in my zeal a soaring in tirades

Of a soul to move with no tear

Winter shrill


Les intentions palustres posent un tréteau si las / The marshland intentions lay a tired trestle

Of weights unpacked the Heart mind frees

Reaching out to inward gardens

Where we dreamt once upon a Time

Masters ending in my release

Le lent déroulement somnolent d’une vie brève / The sleepy slow progress of a short life / I lenti progressi sonnolenti di una vita breve

All is in now what is in sight

Renewed the divine within me she’ll dwell

Living in Truth where shadows lie

The beautiful gallows on Cape Canaveral

Chef d’orchestre à lutrins âme église qui médite / Conductor with lecterns soul church that meditates

Du retour des refrains en terre ceinte des toujours / On return of chorus to circled always land

The children of morrow they will run in the wild

Infinity share as our hearts unite

Make us the colour of your rainbows’ light

Disembodied souls

To go with the flow resistance now dead

A book for shelf a loss of Art

Shells of Flames

Les mille mots de plaisirs à échanger en douce / Thousand words of pleasure to be exchanged softly

I will gather you dews from all morrows’ sunshine

Hail Queens of morrows servants kept under

Our love eternal lives unmarred

Bat mon cœur pour entendre nos vieilles promesses stellaires / Beat my heart so you hear our stellar promises

Intrépide damoiseau à la poitrine imberbe / Intrepid young squire with a clean-shaven chest

O Lune de mes nuits blanches / O Moon of my sleepless nights

Ramène-moi au temps de ces soifs d’absolus / Take me back to the time of such absolute thirst

Prétendre à l’insondable en échange d’un vernis / To claim the unfathomable in exchange for a varnish

Vois le sort qui m’amène au pays du déni / See the fate that brings me to land of denial

De nos chairs réunies éternel reposoir / Of our flesh united eternal altars

Les sentiers d’or ouverts ramènet Reine de faucille / The open trails of gold bring back Queen of the sickle

Like a ghost in decay

Embraser la gourde de soif qui se meurt / Set ablaze the flask with a dying thirst

J’esquisse les délices d’un futur qui germe / I sketch the delights of a future that sprouts

Feel through lips see through Heart the pain now gone

Of foreign conquests in lone lands now forsaken

De silence gouffre béant faire de moi endormie / From silence gaping chasm to make me a sleeper

Running in pace with Ghost runaway train

La plaie en mon seing écorche l’écriture / The wound in my seal flays the writing

Les dances solennelles insipides à plaire / The solemn dances insipid to please

De l’entrain à mourir naît vie éteinte / From spirit of death a wane life is born

Bells will ring pealing roar in elegy

Le cou est fragile les destins funestes / The neck is fragile the destinies fatal

Des bribes de relents mon âme se dévide

Spleen s’est absenté dans île aux oiseaux

Ce bleu qui m’imbibe vois-le trépassé

Embrace this dead heart shine sorrows again

Enlace ce coeur mort fais luire mes peines

The bearer of truth extinguishes fear

When the skies slow part sun smiles me to bliss

My story my guild weaving stars in mane

Your spittle me spare your mind I find poor

Play upon the Heart that all will believe

J’élèverais aux dieux un autre piédestal

Vois peuplé hors des normes par esprit Jéricho

Le silence contre ton contretemps point hausser

I am in the House of Love

In your tall build revel again complete

Building mirror’s other reality

Just open embrace, for others is We

Tragedy will become me never more

A soul to soul will now promptly relate

Infinity’s voices loudly will call

Souffrir y est marin

Lamia to tease

Tapie de vie

Air, light and sound

Luna thug of hearts, tug of memories

Je vis de tes restes

Night’s cull

Chasser croiser âmes ou heureux


Ghost wanderer

Le bonheur est sexiste, le bonheur me résiste

Soul Keeper

Pavés de vie

Atome héliotrope

Source of the definition is

A sonnet is a poetic form which originated in Italy: Giacomo Da Lentini is credited with its invention.

The term sonnet is derived from the Italian word sonetto (from Old Provençal sonet a little poem, from son song, from Latin sonus a sound). By the thirteenth century it signified a poem of fourteen lines that follows a strict rhyme scheme and specific structure. Conventions associated with the sonnet have evolved over its history. Writers of sonnets are sometimes called “sonneteers”, although the term can be used derisively.

Italian sonnet scheme:  the abba, abba pattern became the standard for Italian sonnets. For the sestet there were two different possibilities: cdd, cde and cdc, cdc. In time, other variants on this rhyming scheme were introduced, such as cdcdcd. Petrarch typically used an abba, abba pattern for the octave, followed by either cde, cde or cdc, cdc rhymes in the sestet.

Occitan sonnet : employs the rhyme scheme a-b-a-b, a-b-a-b, c-d-c-d-c-d

Shakespearean sonnet scheme: The usual rhyme scheme is end-rhymed a-b-a-b, c-d-c-d, e-f-e-f, g-g

Spenserian sonnet :  the rhyme scheme is abab, bcbc, cdcd, ee

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