Universal Harmony

Universal Harmony

7-8 December 2015


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If I am but you

Twining mirror within coils

And you are but me


Would it then matter

That I slowly pass you by

In mismatching trains?


Synchronised movements

Both winding and unwinding

Directional knot


The road to nowhere

Is paved with slow intentions

Fast deaths of morrows


I know of a cliff

Bordering the Caspian seas

Where tilting brings height


Perspectives in thoughts

People of the shadows roam

Between lost and found


They crawl through the caves

While you fly in summer skies

To that road nowhere


I curse renewed flights

While maps of Time fail my reach

The limited sights


Tired raindrops ebb

Shrivelled outposts of the soul

Withered in the sun


In Time we will breed

With the tar and our blood’s flow

The crimson highways


Rain and sun will kiss

Upon plains of the Tatars

As shadows dissolve



Universal Harmony

Spins a web of souls


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Beyond this You and I – Rumi

Look Within – Rumi

I am only the House of your Beloved – Rumi



15 thoughts on “Universal Harmony

  1. ‘Tired raindrops,’ sigh, such a beautiful image. One can almost imagine their plight. It’s like the creation of universal love. I’m now suitably awake and ready to start my day after your beautiful words. x

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    • Thank you sweet Annie. Much love to you and a glorious day to go with that 🙂 I just finished the seventh chapter of the Spirit Lovers and methinks there is going to be a slight uproar feom some about this one. I already received a few angry reactions by email to the notions in the story but many seem to like it so I continue writing it between fact and fiction if I may say so


          • I read from start to finish and imagined myself in a place between here and heaven. I pictured your mother as the mother of the earth and you, somewhere between human and spirit. You’ve worked incredibly hard and I admire your spirit and determination. I’m looking forward to the next chapter….therefore you’ve got my attention and that’s a tall order for anyone. Superb, Geetha. I love the way you can combine reality with imagination and endless possibilities. x

            Liked by 1 person

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