I have a will to survive

I have a will to survive
29 October 2022
Courtesy pinterest.com

I had a will to survive
My hands rising in rebellion
I knew that I was alive 
For my heart beat in unison

The will in me was so weak
No one can bear witness to this
My tongue cuts me as I speak
The blood of my blood wore such bliss

In vain the pursuit of sense
The pupil my pupil dilates
View of my rivers so dense
Leading mind that flood celebrates

I have a will to survive
The teacher brands me a lesson
Into the essence I dive
Like angels falling from Heaven

Reading of the poem:
Solitude – Billie Holiday

4 thoughts on “I have a will to survive

  1. (not sure my comment on your website was registered, so here it is again, sorry if they are duplicate as no feedback is given when clicking on “Post Comment”)

    Hi Geetha,

    An impromptu in reaction of your poem Cheers, Paul


    It has been ascribed As sure as hospitality offers a bed To the stranger facing an unknown door That, from an immemorial tradition you are required to give and even more

    Wait, that can’t be said Now, there are only owners and for a bed well laid Be prepared to pay before knocking that door The new breath of this world is money, such is the common lore

    That, I won’t accept And prefer to hide in the forest Listening to the drips of water That scramble my face and mingle with my tears

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